Steve Lamoureux

What We Do. Service.

"White Glove Enrollment Services was born out the idea that in the online benefit enrollment industry, in order to provide truly exceptional service you must be exclusively focused on one market segment. Having established the Professional Services department at Selerix and worked on both the broker and insurance carrier sides of this industry, I have seen first hand the tremendous results of a successful implementation and expert service. Unfortunately, I have also witnessed the disastrous results absent of that expertise.

We focus on a select few employers with a minimum of 5,000 employees using Selerix-based enrollment systems for year-round benefit administration. We provide our clients with a custom URL and login page if desired, single-sign-on if possible, and a true "white glove" service approach throughout the implementation and after. We limit the number of clients our Account Managers service to no more than five. We are staffed with only experts in this industry. A successful implementation is about having the right resources to apply to the project and then being able to stay appropriately involved throughout the plan year.

The White Glove Enrollment Services difference is our commitment to the service of our clients. Service is ALL we do. Count on us to do it well."

- Steve Lamoureux, President

White Glove Enrollment Services